Terry Ranch


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  • County: Val Verde
  • Zip: 78840
  • Type: Hunting Land, Ranches, Recreational Property
  • City: Del Rio
  • Price: $8,150,000
  • Acres: 9,068
  • State/Zip: Texas 78840
  • Status: Available

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Property Description

The Terry Ranch, a short distance west of the high bridge over Amistad Reservoir, is located in an area full of Texas History and the remnants of the indigenous people that once called this unique region home. The terrain offers everything from gently rolling desert hills to widespread bottoms along Evans Creek and dramatic draws leading to the Amistad Reservoir. The ranchs diverse topography and habitat provide many opportunities for both the recreational end user or working rancher alike.

The Terry Ranch is split by US Highway 90 just 15 miles northwest of Del Rio, Texas and 13 miles southeast of Comstock, Texas. The ranch has approximately 7.5 miles of US Highway 90 frontage and approximately 3.5 miles of Spur 406 frontage.

The landscape consists of a mixture of Edwards Plateau, Chihuahuan Desert and Tamaulipan brushland providing mixed habitat and rangeland for wildlife and livestock alike. This area of Texas has historically been home to extensive sheep operations. The Terry Ranch continues to support a proactive agricultural operation but also benefits from the healthy populations of wildlife.

Evans Creek traverses the west side of ranch for about 6.5 miles providing riparian habitat with thermal cover, high nutritional native browse, seasonal watering holes all benefitting the wildlife. The east side of the ranch consist of tributaries of Evans Creek, a portion of California Creek and multiple other drainages providing browse and cover for the wildlife.

The mixture of the three converging eco-regions provide the habitat with flora like sotol & ocotillo, hackberry & persimmon, black brush, white brush and juniper, as well as mesquite woodlands representing a melting pot of habitats.

To the southwest, across the Rio Grande River, the view is a stunning panorama of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains in Mexico. These mountain views fill your view shed as you traverse the ranch.

The native browse, grasses, forbs and succulents provide excellent forage for the wildlife species as well as livestock. Native game species found on the ranch include white-tailed deer, blue quail, bobwhite quail, Rio Grande Turkey, and dove. As for really interesting non-game species seen in the area, there are species like golden eagles, Mexican black bear, mountain lion, Texas horned lizard, grey fox and many migratory songbirds.

On the east side of the ranch, off of Spur 406, is the headquarters dating back to the early 1900s. There is a unique rock house with an adjacent quarters. The ranch is divided into 9 pastures ranging from small to very large in size with a main set of working pens on the west side of the ranch. Back when TxDot built Hwy. 90, the current owners family negotiated the placement of a stock underpass or tunnel to move livestock from one side of Hwy. 90 to the other.

The Terry Ranch has an extensive water distribution system from the 7 water wells located across the ranch. The additional incorporation of large storage pilas, poly pipe and numerous water troughs provides exceptional ranch wide distribution of water resources for wildlife, livestock and domestic use. The ranch is equipped with 3 electric submersible water wells, 1 solar well and 3 windmills (the condition of 1 windmill in unknown). In addition, there are three ponds and 6.5 miles of wet weather Evans Creek that collects seasonal watering holes during years with average rain fall.

Both sides of the ranch have many miles of electric service lines. Please see map for approximate locations.

A portion of Sellers owned minerals, if any, are negotiable. In addition, portions of the ranch may have State Classified Minerals and any rights associated with those State Classified Minerals will convey to the Buyer.

Research was conducted back in the 1930s, in the pre-Amistad days, to salvage prehistoric artifacts such as fiber sandals, baskets, twine nets, atlatls and even rabbit fur robes! The prehistoric people of the lower Pecos canyon lands were viewed as a static and primitive culture that lived here over 9,000 years ago. Now many of these shelters are submerged by the lake. However, you can still find artifacts and spectacular rock art on the walls of the rock shelters found in the region.

The southeastern portion of the ranch has access to the Amistad National Recreation Area. This particular portion of the ranch is located where Evans Creek spills into the lake. The Amistad dam, named for the Spanish word for friendship, was constructed back in the late 1960s for the use of flood control, conservation, irrigation, power and recreation. The lake surface covers approximately 66,465 acres when full at its conservation pool elevation of 1,117 feet above mean sea level.

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