Peach Creek Ranch

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  • County: Grimes
  • Zip: 77842
  • Type: Hunting Land, Ranches, Recreational Property
  • City: College Station
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  • Acres: 723
  • State/Zip: Texas 77842
  • Status: Available

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Property Description

Peach Creek Ranch is a fantastic undeveloped property with a 65-acre reservoir built right in the middle of the property. Gibbons Creek runs through the western half of the ranch, with the eastern half rising up to over 80 above the creek bottoms. The property mostly old-growth forests with a tremendous variety of giant trees along multiple creeks that cross through the property. The Ranch is less than 20 minutes to College Station and the Texas A&M campus.

The ranch is located 14 miles southeast of College Station in Grimes County. The ranch has over 6,000 of frontage on the south side of Hwy. 30 just east of the town of Carlos.

The ranch has a wonderful variety of ecosystems that include a large lake, old-growth forest and more open grasslands.

The lakes are approximately 67 acres of surface water that includes a lot of shallow areas that create ideal wetland areas that attract a huge variety of waterfowl and other wetland fowl. The lake has an abundance of coon-tail, American lotus, and other aquatic vegetation that create such an attractive habitat to migratory bird species.

Approximately 446 acres of the property are covered with a variety of old-growth forests. Approximately 160 acres of the wooded area is found in the floodplain along the banks of Gibbons Creek. This area is dominated by towering water oaks, hackberries, elm, loblolly pines and black hickory trees with an undergrowth of primarily yuapon, american beautyberry, and trumpet vine. The remaining 286 acres of mature woodlands are found along the higher country to the east side of the property and is a unique mixture of an evergreen-deciduous woodland area. This area holds an assortment of post oak, water oak, blackjack oak, hickory, persimmon, tupelo, red oak, willow oak, elm and loblolly pine. The undergrowth here is much sparser than on the west side and is easy to walk through.

The remaining acreage is primarily open grasslands.

The tremendous variety of trees and undergrowth over the ranch creates excellent habitat for white-tailed deer. No hunting on the ranch has occurred in the last two years and the deer are plentiful.

Waterfowl hunting on the property is tremendous with the huge shallow lake that creates an outstanding habitat for ducks that migrate through the area during the winter. With Gibbons Creek Lake so close and numerous other large private lakes, this area is one of the best duck hunting places in the Brazos Valley.

Dove, hogs, alligators as well as predators are very common on the property. The ranchs diverse ecosystems are home (year-round or during annual migration) to all types of other animals and birds. Bald eagles and osprey are very common on the property.

The primary feature of Peach Creek Ranch is the roughly 65-acre reservoir. This lake was originally built to be much larger so the dam is over-engineered for the amount of water being held. It currently holds just below the 200 acre-feet threshold so no special permit was required to finish the lake. The lake was created out of damming up Peach Creek, which runs most of the year and only quits running during times of extreme drought. The lake is stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill and redear sunfish and is an excellent fishery.

Approximately 2,400 of Gibbons Creek runs through the west side of the property (both sides of the creek are on the ranch), and this waterway runs year-round.

Both sides of Peach Creek run through the middle of the property into the reservoir. Several other small creeks on the property also run into Peach Creek before entering the reservoir and usually have running water through seeps that keep the water draining into the lake.

Electricity is found along the highway frontage on HWY 30.

There is one well location on the property near the highway that is producing. The sellers owns 50% of the mineral estate.

Turner-Peters Log Cabin was originally found on this property and has since transferred to Boonville Heritage Park as a historic site where the dog-house cabin can be visited by tourist. It was built on a hill on the property overlooking Peach Creek near a spring along the creek.

College Station Texas 77842

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