Red River Valley Farm Portfolio


Property Details

  • County: Bowie
  • Address: 484 3 Sides Road
  • Zip: 75559
  • Type: Farms
  • City: De Kalb
  • Price: $49,360,200
  • Acres: 13,982
  • State/Zip: Texas 75559
  • Status: Available

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Property Description

The Red River Valley Farm Portfolio is a unique opportunity to acquire a large, high quality farmland portfolio at a scale rarely seen. The portfolio's 13,982 acres are concentrated along the Red River in Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma. This regions local livestock and poultry markets have strong grain demand which helps to support a positive basis over the CBOT. Excellent water resources have already been developed to irrigate over 4,000 acres of the farm and the potential is there to increase this number significantly. The farm portfolio is also being offered in smaller packages with more details given below.

Key Highlights

-Gross Acres- 13,982
-Tillable acres- 11,335
-Irrigated acres- 4,193
-Over 1 million bushels of grain storage capacity
-Red River pumping rights
-Most farms accessible via hard surface roads
-Large contiguous tracts
-Great potential for further irrigation development


259 Farms (McCurtain County, OK; Bowie and Red River Counties, TX)

This large farm consists of four main tracts along the Highway 259 corridor, consisting of a combination of
River Valley, Knosby, Lancaster, and Columbus farms.

Total 7,220 acres
Tillable 6,646 acres
Irrigated 1,300 acres

This large farms soil base is fairly diverse. Some of the more common soils include:
-Tinn-Roebuck complex
-Tinn clay
-Billyhaw clay
-Coushatta silty clay loam
-Severn very fine sandy loam
-Gallion very fine sandy loam
-Latanier clay
-Caspiana loam

The tracts that make up this farm package are located along Highway 259 just south of Idabel in McCurtain
County, Oklahoma. The southernmost tract is located in Red River and Bowie Counties, Texasjust off the
Red River. Average annual precipitation is 52 inches.

-8 pivots (6 Valley and 2 Reinke) irrigate over 1,300 acres
-Multiple water wells providing sufficient flow for pivot irrigation
-Permitted pumping from Red River
-Floating 3,500 GPM pump
-13 grain bins that can store up to 545,000 bushels, 4 of these 13 are 100,000 bushel GSI bins
-5 shops/sheds
-600 acres precision leveled


Three Sides Farm (Bowie County, TX)

Three Sides Farm is a historic, large and highly productive farm located along nearly five miles of the Red
River in Northeast Texas. This top-end farm has the potential for exceptional yields with the right grower!
Three Sides Farm is located in one contiguous tract and has large field sizes, which helps maximize farm
efficiency. The farms abundant wildlife is an added bonus for the sportsman or those looking to benefit
from hunting lease income. Additionally, Three Sides has the potential to carry a cattle herd which further
diversifies the income stream on this capable farming operation.

Total 4,484 acres
Tillable 2,955 acres
Irrigated 1,922 acres
Pasture 204 acres

Nearly all of the cultivated ground on this farm is Severn very fine sandy loam. This is a Class 1 soil.

This farm is located in Bowie County, Texas about 15 minutes northeast of De Kalb, Texas. Three Sides
Farm partially extends into McCurtain County, Oklahoma and Little River County, Arkansas. Average
annual precipitation is 54 inches.

-Two pump sites on Red River currently yielding over 4,500 GPM
-Two pump sites on oxbow lakes with ability to fill from river
-Eight Zimmatic pivots covering 1,922 acres
-Permitted pumping rights on Red River
-Three very nice Sukup grain bins with grain leg. Farm has a total grain storage capacity of 397,00
-Over eight miles of hog fence with cross fencing for cattle
-Hog fenced area doubles to allow cattle to graze winter cover
-Covered cattle working pens
-Home on hilltop overlooking farm
-Equipment shop
-Combine shed
-Office and truck scales
-Several other structures including guesthouse, office and barns
-Utilities in place for RV hookup
-Private landing strip for personal use or aerial applicator


Kautz Farm (Lamar County, TX)

Kautz Farm has had a history of exceptional yields thanks to its fertile Class 1 soil and high percentage of irrigation. This farm is a growers favorite thanks to its consistency, yield potential and well drained soil that allows for earlier planting.

Total 1,707 acres
Tillable 1,200 acres
Irrigated 848 acres

The well-drained soil, capable irrigation, and proximity to Paris and DFW would make this a good sod farm candidate as well. Abundant wildlife allows for excellent hunting in the fall or additional income from year-round hunting leases on the farm. The majority of the tillable ground on the farm is Caspiana silt loam soil, which is a Class 1 soil. The Kautz Farm is located in Lamar County about twenty minutes north of Paris, Texas. Average annual precipitation is 47 inches.

-Three irrigation pivots (Valley, Zimmatic and Lockwood) cover 70 percent of the tillable ground
-Permitted pumping on Pine Creek at two sites currently yielding over 2,600 GPM
-Weir on Pine Creek helps ensure optimal pumping
-Five grain bins with total capacity of 100,000 bushels
-Around 1,000 acres are hog fenced
-Hog fenced area doubles to allow cattle to graze winter cover
-Pipe fenced area for holding and working cattle
-Open air barn (approximately 50 X 80)
-Utilities in place for RV hookup


Foreman Farm (Little River County, AR)

This farm is comprised of three tracts all located within just a few minutes of each other.

Total 571 acres
Tillable 534 acres
Irrigated 123 acres

Billyhaw clay is the predominant soil on the farm. This soil type is rated as Class 2w. This farm is located in Little River County, Arkansas about 15 minutes south of Foreman, Arkansas and 15 minutes north of New Boston, Texas. Average annual precipitation is 54 inches.

-One Valley pivot covers 123 acres
-Several water wells producing sufficient flow for pivot irrigation


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