1,012 acres in Frio County, Texas


Property Details

  • County: Frio
  • Zip: 78061
  • Type: Farms, Hunting Land, Ranches
  • City: Pearsall
  • Price: $5,060,000
  • Acres: 1,012
  • State/Zip: Texas 78061
  • Status: Available

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Property Description

The ranch consists of rolling hills, creek bottoms, and some red sandy soil areas, a great variety of brush for big game and birds, and scattered oak and elm trees of which some are rather large. Vegetation is typical south Texas brush and native grasses. There are small strips throughout the ranch primarily used for quail hunting. These small strips are shredded to allow for driving on.

Topography of the ranch is rolling hills with higher ground on the west and east sides, with the middle of the property bisected by Buck Creek. Elevations range from 710 above MSL on the east side adjacent to I.H. 35 to 630 above MSL where Buck Creek exits the property on the south side. This property would make an ideal hunting ranch due to its convenient access to I.H. 35 and proximity to San Antonio.

The ranch has one major pond and several smaller ponds designed specifically for wildlife. Buck Creek and another tributary have been diverted to the main tank. There are two Carrizo Aquifer water wells located on the ranch; one well is located near the east boundary and was drilled in 2008. This well is equipped with a five-horsepower electric submersible pump and has six-inch casing. There is some above ground black plastic pipe connected to the well that runs nearly the entire length of the ranch. It starts out as a four-inch pipe, then decreases to three-inch, and two-inch pipe. The previous owner had connections along the water line for sprinklers to enhance quail habitat.

The other Carrizo Aquifer water well was drilled in 2013 and is located near the western boundary of the property. This well has historically not been used much but could be connected to the water line to provide backup or additional water capacity. There is also a windmill located on the eastern part of the ranch. This windmill is in working condition and connected to a water trough with overflow water going to a small earthen pond. All water is potable.

The ranch has two, high-fenced small fields for wildlife, equipped with irrigation risers scattered throughout the fields. The larger field located on the east side of Buck Creek is approximately 15 acres in size and has a small pond inside the fence. The second field is approximately 10 acres in size and is located on the west one-third of the ranch. Fields are starting to grow back with regrowth brush.

The previous owners have managed this ranch primarily for quail, dove and turkey hunting the last 15 years. The ranch has a great combination of native grasses, forms, trees and dependable water for the wildlife. The deer and hog hunting was leased out according to previous owner. There are also two hunting cabins located next to the water well on the far west boundary. The cabins are in fair shape and can still be used. They are hooked up to electricity and can be hooked up to the water well.

After we discovered caliche/flexible base material on the ranch we engaged Howland Engineering and Surveying out of Laredo to assist in locating test pit areas and taking samples of material for Atterberg Limits and Sieve Analysis testing reports. We brought in an excavator and dug over 40 test holes under the supervision of Howland Engineering representative technician. Some test holes were 20 deep and we still had not reached bottom of the caliche deposit.

There is a recorded 30-foot access easement to the neighbors property adjacent to west boundary of this property. This easement starts at the southeast corner of ranch and runs along the southern boundary and exits the southwest corner of the property. Other recorded easements are two electrical transmission lines and the above-mentioned gas transmission line.

Property will be sold as Surface Only. There are currently no oilfield sites or production facilities on the property and it is not under lease of any type. A gas transmission pipeline traverses the southeast corner of the property in a northeast to southwest direction. The boundary fences consist of all low fence and are in good condition. There are 2 cross fences on the ranch that are in poor condition. The ranch currently has an agricultural valuation for ad valorem taxes.

Pearsall Texas 78061

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