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JCR Settlements is the nation's leader in Structured Installment Sale placements, helping Sellers to mitigate their capital gains tax obligations and create customized payment schedules that maximize the sale and create financial security for generations. Structured Installment Sales allow a Seller the unique opportunity to place a portion of their proceeds into structured annuity options as part of the sales process. There is no capital gains tax paid on the portion placed into the annuity in the year the sale is made. A deferred tax obligation will be paid in the future year(s) when the annuity payments are received. First payment, and tax payment obligation, can be deferred up to 40 years. Sellers can receive monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments, as well as lump sums on pre-identified dates and in pre-determined amounts. There are no minimum or maximum amounts that can be used and there are no fees to establish or manage the structured installment sale, making t a solution that should be considered in nearly every transaction. Visit for more information, including IRS Revenue Rulings, case studies and podcasts. Defer taxes. Maximize the sale. Secure financial futures.