Kacey Wells

Agent/Salesperson at LoneStar Properties

Wells Kacey

222 S. Main Street

Boerne, Texas 78006

Kendall County

Office: (830) 249-7979

Home: (281) 768-0334

Cell: (281) 768-0334

I began my real estate career on the construction side back in 2006 in the Houston area after a successful career as a strength & speed coach for athletes. My family moved to the Boerne area in 2007 where I continued my career in both coaching and construction. I got my Texas Real Estate License in July 2016, and in April 2017 after finishing my last custom home project I left the construction as a full time endeavor and focused on Real Estate sales helping buyers and sellers with their needs. In my short full-time real estate career (less than 3 years) starting from scratch with no client base I have successfully helped clients with $10,000,000 in real estate transactions in the ranch and residential areas. I am married with two daughters and heavily active in our church as my faith is by far the most important thing to me. I love to watch Georgia Southern (my alma mater), Georgia Tech (my childhood team), Texas A&M (adopted an Aggie by my wife), and Baylor (also adopted a Bear by my wife) athletic events, and I still have a passion for coaching/teaching athletes as well as discipleship of young people and teaching scripture.