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7,038 +/- Acres
Knox County, Texas
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Property Profile:
This is an exceptional large tract of land, with over 7000 contiguous acres bordered by paved roads on the north and west, a river on the south, and other private ranch land on the east. The Red Creek Ranch has been operated by the same owner for the last six years and significant measures have been put towards developing the ranch to its full potential over this time. It is located in central Knox County, in the rolling plains of Northwest Texas, just a few miles from the famed 550,000 acre W. T. Waggoner Estate Ranch, and north of the community of Rhineland.

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With the ranch's diverse vegetation and cover, farm crops, and scattered surface water, you can bet it is loaded with wildlife. Trophy whitetails have everything they need here to grow in mass and number, and the ranch has very little hunting pressure around it, since most of the surrounding ranches are 5000+ acres in size as well. Native bucks can be expected to be in the 150-170" class range, with no supplemental corn or protein feeding. On our helicopter fly over, we ran deer from one end to the other!

Rio Grande turkey have plenty of roosting areas near the headquarters and always seem to be hanging around there. The pastures will hold some bobwhite quail too. Migratory ducks and geese visit the lakes during the winter, on their flight down the Brazos River valley. The ranch also has feral hog and excellent dove hunting along the wheat fields.

The Red Creek Ranch has a lot of surface water! Approximately 27 water tanks have been constructed across the pastures, and several of these are over five acres in size and spring-fed. At around fourteen acres, Moss Lake is the largest of the 27. These numerous bodies of water ensure that every grazing pasture and/or field has adequate water for livestock as they are rotated across the ranch. Alternately, they provide abundant water for hunting and fishing as well.

In addition to these tanks and lakes, the ranch has a solid five miles of frontage on the Salt Fork of the Brazos River on its south border. A large bluff runs along the south side of the ranch on the Brazos, creating scenic views up and down the river valley for miles and several great building sites for a ranch lodge.

Numerous water drainages and seasonal creeks run across the ranch to the Brazos too, the most notable of which is Red Creek. Since this creek runs across the middle of the property itself, the ranch has always been known as the "Red Creek Ranch". The creeks will run water during rainy seasons and will hold pockets of water most of the year too. The water tanks mentioned above are all situated off of these drainages as well, so they easily catch runoff when it rains.

Knox County receives an average of 24" of rain a year, and one or two snows can be expected during the winter. On the north end of the ranch on Highway 114, a rural water line has been tapped on to. There is a water well at the headquarters as well.

This ranch boasts 2,462.8 acres (per FSA office) of flat farm fields, which the current owner has used to grow winter wheat and Sudan haygrazer. These fields vary in size from 10 to 400+ acres. They follow the ranch around its perimeter, and they are all connected to one another, so they are easy to get equipment to. Through consistent no-till farming practices, the owner has groomed the land to average 35-40 bushels per acre, after winter stocking. The soils are sandy and would take well to bermuda grass as well.

Native grazing land forms the bulk of the ranch's center and the draws in between the fields, consisting of thick, well sodded grass pastures to rougher break country. The pastures have a variety of grasses, such as buffalo, side oats gramma, native coastal, and tall bluestem. Range brush includes yucca, plum, mesquite, and sage, while hardwoods, such as hackberry, chinaberry, and cedar, add diversity across the landscape.

With approximately one-third of the ranch in productive farm land and two-thirds in rotational grazing pastures, the ranch can sustain 350 pairs annually. Or, if a person wanted to run winter stockers too, about 200-250 pairs annually. At the ranch headquarters, there is a large metal hay barn and a set of pipe working pens, and next to these is a fifteen acre coastal trap, which can be used to hold cattle while they are being worked. All fences are in good shape across the ranch.

In addition to farming, ranching, and hunting, the Red Creek Ranch has potential for generating other income streams:

1. The ranch has been sited for a wind farm by various energy companies over the last few years, mainly because it has over six miles of transmission lines running across it and over 200' of elevation change from its north to south ends.

2. The seller doesn't own any mineral royalties, but has 100% of the mineral leasing (executory) rights, which will transfer at closing, so you will retain all of the bonus money if you lease the ranch. (Example: Mineral lease that pays $100/acre equals $703,800 in bonus money to you as the owner.)

There are currently no wind or mineral leases on the ranch, so the development is open for a new owner.


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Ben Belew - Broker
Office: 940-357-9940
Cell: 940-224-3183
1915 Pease St.
Vernon, Texas, 76384

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